Privacy Policy

The WoT Tank Quiz doesn't collect any kind of data about the user. It isn't even able to do so because it doesn't have any permissions like internet access :)


If you use the Google Play Store, I get some informaions about the installations of the app, like every Developer on the Google Play Store. E.g. I can see how many user come from which country or which devices or Android System Versions are used.

But this data is anonymous, I can't identify the user from the data.


Since this project is free software (open source) you can grap the source code and check if I'm telling you the truth ;)


If you enter personal Information like your email address on this website, I will not give away this data to anyone and I will only use it for the inteded purpose (I won't send you ads or spam).

If you want me to delete this data, just write me a short message.

Web site moved!

The new web site of the WoT Tank Quiz is at!

Website umgezogen!

Die neue Website des WoT Tank Quiz befindet sich unter!