About the Project

The WoT Tank Quiz is a free software project launched at the beginning of 2012. I was disappointed about a WoT Quiz app that had many bugs (and advertisings). Additionally, This app was removed from the Android Market after a while so that I could not reinstall it after I had to uninstall it temporarily.

So I decided to program my own one :)


If you have cool ideas for the app or want to participate, just tell me, I'd be glad about that :)


Since the last update (1.5) the app is translatable and I'm always searching for volunteer translators who translate the app into their mother tounge. It's quite easy because there are just a few strings.

There is already a German and a Spanish translation. A Russian or polish translation would be cool, because many users of the app are from Russia or Poland.

Thank you to...

...Cristina Vidal, who translated the app into Spanish

...the website cooltext.com where i got the design for the Buttons used in the app.

...the Open Clip Art Library, where i got the image of the little tank in the app icon from.

...the unknown creator of the "Destroy"-Font. I extended this font with all the Spanish and some French characters by combining the original characters/punctuation marks. The only thing that was created new is the tilde, designed by my little sister, also thanks for that :)

Web site moved!

The new web site of the WoT Tank Quiz is at mazechazer.github.io/WoT-Tank-Quiz!

Website umgezogen!

Die neue Website des WoT Tank Quiz befindet sich unter mazechazer.github.io/WoT-Tank-Quiz!